Swenson provides a full range of tax services to businesses and individuals.  Our team of staff is knowledgeable, detailed, and experienced, and maintains close involvement with all of our clients’ financial affairs. As a Swenson client, you can always expect personal attention from one of our tax partners.  We have a continuous relationship with our clients throughout the year.  There is no beginning or end.  It is a continuous review of strategic planning and evaluating the results.  We are with you every step of the way, even when it comes to tax authority representation.

Tax rules and regulations are constantly changing from year to year, especially in California.  In today’s environment and economy, you need a firm who has the expertise and proficiency of those changes to help strategically plan and maximize your tax savings.  There are numerous credits and deductions that are available to businesses and individuals, many which are not a simple check the box item.  You need someone who is adept to the rules and changes; someone who knows your business and can identify the potential for utilization of these credits and deductions.

Swenson tax professionals understand this changing environment and can plan the right strategy for you and your business to achieve your goals.  We don’t only look at the present and now, but to the future as well.  We provide if this, then that scenarios so that you can make more informed decisions.  In addition, we utilize our industry knowledge, we take time to consider the various challenges to change, and we connect with our vast network of highly specialized professionals, when needed, to help our clients with reaching their goals.

At Swenson our tax services for businesses and individuals include the following:

·      Tax Return Preparation – Federal, State and Local

·      Income Tax Planning

·      Multi-State Assistance and Evaluation

·      Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Reporting

·      Tax authority representation

·      Property, Sales and Use, Excise, and Payroll Tax Returns

·      Business Succession Planning

·      Gift and Estate Tax Return Preparation and Planning

·      Trust Tax Return Preparation and Planning

·      Mergers and Acquisitions-due diligence tax services

If you are considering a merger or acquisition, then you need to consider the tax ramifications.   Swenson can help you understand the tax exposures of a transaction, not only for the business, but for the business owner.  We work with you to obtain the most favorable outcome and end result.  We focus on upfront analysis to address any potential federal, state and local, sales and use, and property tax issues associated with transactions.

·      Tax provision preparation and advisory services

·      FIN 48 analysis and documentation